Music Comes First

I remember growing into the music scene and constantly being pushed out. Other bands and artists not really lending a hand because "they went through it, so you have to as well." No, they weren't there to give out all the answers, but even having just a little guidance would've gone a long way.

That's what I'm striving to do. I want to be that help that I wish I had gotten while "growing up" in the scene. I want to have this company be the lighthouse in the storm for new and up & coming artists & bands. Eye To Eye Records was made to provide clarity, consistency, and communication.

Any company I reach out to try and work with, the main thing is that artists and bands come first. Anything other than that is a deal-breaker for me, I don't care how popular they are. Even if only 1 band or artist is impacted by how this helps, then I'm okay with that. No, I'm not here to convince you that this is the best path. Hell, I know that sometimes, it probably isn't, but that's okay. My door is always open, and my phone is always on. This is about being a community and about holding each other up and having a standard for ourselves. Let's not let the past define what we are supposed to become, let's find a way to mold our futures to what we want it to be.

Come on in and let's do some work!

- Will -


State of the Art Digital Distribution

We only work with the best.

  • Global music distribution to 100+ services

  • Reach 500 million music users in China

  • Keep 100% of your copyright

  • Free barcodes and ISRC codes

  • Free iTunes pre-orders

  • Free delivery to new stores

  • Free pre-saves and release day smartURLs

  • Dedicated support team

  • Royalty Payments direct to your bank account

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