Digital Distribution



  • Global music distribution to 100+ services

  • Reach 500 million music users in China

  • Keep 100% of your copyright

  • Free barcodes and ISRC codes

  • Free iTunes pre-orders

  • Free delivery to new stores

  • Free pre-saves and release day smartURLs

  • Dedicated support team

  • Royalty Payments direct to your bank account


Artist Tools

Here, we offer a unique insight to important information such as a Release Checklist, how to set up your artist profiles for the platforms, and well as a unique tool called DistroAdvance.

Release Checklist

Understanding when to upload your music and how to get set up for your release is one of the most often overlooked and under-appreciated elements of the industry for younger artists.

Set-Up Artist Profiles

Who doesn't love to see that blue check mark beside their name to make things official!? Setting up your profiles across the services is important in managing the back-end to see who, where, and when is using what the most!


Are you needing money to head to the studio to make the next record amazing? This awesome program takes a quick dive into your streaming performance and other areas and could be able to help you!